(NEWSER) – Thing are getting downright personal in the GOP race. A sampling of some of Friday's remarkable back and forth and between Marco Rubio and the new team of Trump-Christie, via the New York Times, the Hill, the Los Angeles Times and Mother Jones:

  • Trump: "It's Rubio!" he said while holding up a water bottle, dumping some on stage, and pretending to guzzle from the bottle, all to mock Rubio's penchant for getting thirsty in the spotlight. Here's the video:

  • Rubio: “He was having a meltdown,” he said of Trump during commercial breaks of Thursday's debate. “He was applying makeup around his mustache, because he had one of those sweat mustaches.”
  • Trump: “You had to see him backstage. He was putting on makeup with a trowel. I don’t wanna say that. I will not say that he was trying to cover up his ears. I will not say that. He was just trying to cover up—he was just trying to cover up the sweat that pours … Did you ever see a guy sweat like this?”
  • Rubio: In explaining why Trump had a full-length mirror backstage: “Maybe to make sure his pants weren’t wet. I don’t know."

Photo: Getty Images

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