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The internet has officially been broken. A dress has gone totally viral after people around the world have questioned what colors the garment actually is. Is it gold and white? Or blue and black? The web went going insane. Literally. And that's how #TheDress debacle was born. In fact, #TheDress was the number one trending topic worldwide on Twitter.

Even a few of our favorite stars were debating the dress' true colors.

But the best celeb response came from The Backstreet Boys:

While people were debating, wondering, shakily rocking back and forth in the corner, and destroying relationships over #TheDress, the internet began posting their hilarious reactions online. 

There were some who didn't know what was going on/just didn't care:

The wisest of them all...

And then there was mostly everyone else who came close to a brain aneurism trying to figure it out.

Check out the best reactions to #TheDress below: decided that enough was enough and spoke to scientists to get the bottom of this.