Winter Storm Dumps More Snow On New York City

(WRVW) As Winter Storm Jonas barreled across the country Jonathon, from 107.5 The River, in Nashville  was driving around and noticed how unprepared people were for the inclement weather. 

He found an article on Deadspin (language NSFW) with some GREAT tips on how to drive in the snow and not find yourself stuck somewhere.  Here's a few that he thinks are especially helpful for you if you have to get out today.

1) Accelerate and Decelerate more slowly than normal. Basically, don't floor it or slam on the breaks.  As long as you do thinks a little more gradually, you're reducing the chance of you spinning your tires or spinning out.

2) Drive at a reasonable speed. This means two things, actually.  Obviously, common sense says to not drive 85 down I-65.  But at the same time, don't go 10 on the interstate either.  Because if you hit a hill going could be in trouble.

3) Speaking of hills....Just be smart on hills. Try to pick up a little bit of speed BEFORE you hit the incline.  If you don't, you have a chance of losing momentum and spinning your tires halfway up.  Also...and you would think this is common sense....leave a little extra space so that if someone in front of you spins, you don't hit them.

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