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When it comes to the holidays, it really is all about giving, and that's the message in UPtv's "The Other Christmas Gift" video, which has taken the Internet by storm. In the clip, the folks behind the organization put the children of Metro Atlanta Boys & Girls Club up to that test and the results were pretty heartwarming.

Even though 83 percent of the children from that particular Boys & Girls Club come from low-income families and "aren't able to afford even a Christmas tree," they proved their ability to give when they were presented with two gifts: one present that they wanted and one present that their parents wanted. Among the gifts for the kids included the usual suspects like a Barbie house, XBOX 360 and Legos. The decision was theirs, but they could only pick one.

the other christmas gift

In the end, 80 percent of the kids chose gifts for their parents, and were awarded with both of the gifts for their generosity. "Because Legos don't matter. Your family matters. So it's either family or Legos and I choose family," one kid explained. Grab those Kleenex and get ready for all the good holiday feels. 

Photo: YouTube/UPtv