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T.I. is once again coming to the defense of Iggy Azalea. Following another wave of criticism from some in the hip-hop community, Tip took to Twitter to tell his protégé to continue following her heart and to "keep shining." 

While he knows Iggy doesn't deserve all the negativity coming her way, he says it's expected because she's gained so much positive attention this year.

T.I. also addressed recent comments from A Tribe Called Quest rapper Q-Tip, who reached out to Iggy on Twitter by explaining the importance of hip-hop in the African-American community. T.I. says that much of what Q-Tip said was true and could be useful for Iggy as an artist. He also pointed out that the hip-hop community needs to be less defensive when it comes to apparent outsiders who simply want to contribute to hip-hop's legacy.  

Over the weekend, the hacker group Anonymous targeted Iggy Azalea because of her feud with Azealia Banks. The group threated to publish screen shots of an apparent sex tape involving Iggy unless she apologized for recent comments she made about Banks. Anonymous also accused her "misappropriating black culture" and insulting peaceful protesters in New York who are speaking out against the death of Eric Garner. 

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