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Nobody takes papprazzi pictures of Blue Ivy and gets away with it ... NOBODY. Especially when Mama (Grandmama?) Tina gets involved!

Beyonce, her mom, and little Blue were out shopping in L.A. recently, and when Tina Knowles realized a paparazzi photog was snapping away at her granddaughter. So she SHUT. HIM. DOWN.

She came out of the shop they were in to share a few choice words with the paparazzo. She said:

"You can't film a baby." She continued, "How would you like for somebody to take a picture of your baby? You would care! That's a baby!"

Mama Tina finished up with, "Have some class about you. Have a little class and a little consideration."

You TELL THEM, Tina! 

Side note: How AMAZING does Tina look?! Beyonce and Solange clearly won the gene pool lottery! 

Check out Mama Tina in action below! 

Photo: Splash News