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Tracy Morgan says he can't believe Walmart is blaming him for the accident that caused serious injuries to himself and death to one of his friends back in June. 

The "30 Rock" star said he felt compelled to speak out after the retail giant faulted him for not wearing a seatbelt in a court response to a lawsuit related to the New Jersey Turnpike accident. 

In his statement, Morgan says he and his friends did nothing wrong and thanked fans for sticking with him during what he called a "difficult time."  Morgan also added that he was "fighting hard every day to get back." 

The actor and other victims involved in the accident filed suit against Walmart in July saying the company "knew or should have known" that the driver of the Walmart truck that plowed into their limo bus had been awake "for more than 24 consecutive hours" before the accident. 

The lawsuit claims truck driver Kevin Roper fell asleep at the wheel before the crash.  The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating.

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