Donald Trump Greets Voters In Manchester

Donald Trump  is embracing his impressive win in the New Hampshire presidential primary.  The first-time political candidate told a rally that his campaign is on track to make the U.S. great again. In his victory speech, Trump credited his campaign manager for his efforts on the ground in New Hampshire.  After getting beat in Iowa by Ted Cruz's strong ground game, Trump joked that they "learned a lot about ground games in one week."  Trump also praised his Republican rivals, saying the party has a lot of talent in its ranks.  Bernie Sanders even won Trump's praise for winning New Hampshire's Democratic primary.  However, the real estate mogul didn't waste time knocking the Vermont senator for wanting to "give away our country," something he promised he wouldn't let happen. 

Ohio Governor John Kasich came in second place finishing just ahead of Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush. Bernie Sanders easily defeated Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary

Photo: Getty Images