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Lana Del Rey is lending her stunning voice to another film. She recorded two original songs for the upcoming Tim Burton movie Big Eyes, which is set to hit theaters on Christmas Day. 

The movie started screening for small audiences this week, and being a Burton fan, Lana says, "I've admired Tim Burton's work for many years and I'm honored to work with him on such a poignant project."

And it looks like the feeling is mutual for Tim Burton. He says of Lana's involvement in the film's music, "It was a real honor to have Lana create original songs for the film. Her style has such a great timeless sensibility which fits the period of the film but also adds a modern edge. Her song 'Big Eyes' brings real emotional weight to an important turning point in the story."

Lana wrote and recorded the title song "Big Eyes," as well as the end credits song, called "I Can Fly."

Big Eyes has Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz telling the story of American painter Margaret Keane and her husband Walter. 

Check out the trailer below:

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