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UPDATE: After accusing her father of sexual abuse, Amanda Bynes is now saying none of it is true. She tweeted:

Meanwhile, Amanda Bynes' mom says she's heartbroken over the allegations her daughter is made against her father. Lynn Bynes, tells E! News that her daughter's allegations are "horrible and could not be further from the truth."  Lynn denies that Rick has ever abused Amanda or their other children.  She says the allegations stem from Amanda's mental state at the moment and that they have no basis in reality.  


Amanda Bynes as made some serious accusations against her father, and launched into a full-on Twitter tirade. 

After arriving in New York City this week, Amanda has made headlines with reports of shoplifting, an altercation in a nightclub, and more. TMZ reports that her parents were planning to go to NYC to get her into a mental health facility. And according to TMZ, Amanda tried to leave town, ultimately being ordered out of LaGuardia Airport.

She reportedly got in a car to go to JFK, but also posted a series of tweets accusing her father of sexual abuse. 

And it gets worse. She goes into detail explaining these alleged incidents. Then she explained she was getting a restraining order against her dad.

Amanda doesn't believe there is anything wrong with her behavior. She tweeted:

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