Syrian Kurds Battle IS To Retain Control Of Kobani

A U.S. airstrike has utterly destroyed the Islamic State’s radio outfit known as the “Voice of the Caliphate,” according to reports from Afghan authorities.

The Afghan Defense Ministry, along with a police spokesman from eastern Nangarhar Province, confirmed that the radio station, founded in late 2015, was downed by an airstrike, Voice of America reports.

The bombardments also killed 21 Islamic State fighters, the Associated Press reported.

But ISIS disputed the reports over Twitter, saying “The voice of Khilafah of the Islamic state strongly rejects the reports of the puppet regime of Kabul that the radio has been destroyed.”

Apparently, the radio operated near the Afghan-Pakistan border and broadcasted propaganda on a daily basis in Pashto into the region. The programs are a clear attempt to bring down the legitimacy of the Afghan regime by threatening government workers and encouraging civilians to join ISIS. As ISIS is currently engaged in a fight with the Taliban and al-Qaida over control of parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the radio station also mocked the Taliban for collaborating with Pakistani intelligence. Almost all Afghan civilians have access to radio, making propaganda over that medium devastatingly effective.

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Photo: Getty Images