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Calhoun County Veterans Affairs director Scott Losey has recently resigned after emails surfaced of him intimidating and shaking down vulnerable veterans for money.

Losey resigned on Monday after he tried to harass Phyllis Katz, the widow of a Navy veteran, for survivor’s benefits. Katz reported him and soon after, local news obtained emails via a Freedom of Information Act request. In the emails, Losey often suggested and even explicitly demanded that veterans who received his help owed him cash, favors and drugs. He also threatened and shamed veterans who refused to pay.

Calhoun County sheriff’s detectives seized a computer and documents from Losey’s home on Wednesday and a computer and files from his Calhoun County Veterans Affairs office on Thursday in Michigan. Investigators will have to dig through approximately 40,000 emails to uncover the full extent of Losey’s activities. The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department has also passed the information over to the federal government.

Losey expressed frustration in an email from Dec. 2009 after not receiving any favors from a veteran he helped:

“Also, where is my Christmas present…Just so you know, my wife and I like to go out every once in a while for dinner…”

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