(NEWSER) – A sheriff is refusing to speak the name of Oregon school shooter Chris Harper Mercer, but this name does deserve to be spoken: Chris Mintz. Family members say the 30-year-old Army veteran and second-year student at Umpqua Community College charged Mercer in an attempt to protect others, was shot at least five times—including in the back, abdomen, hands, and both legs—and survived, reports NBC News and the Winston-Salem Journal.

Originally from North Carolina, Mintz joined the Army after high school and was deployed overseas during his 10 years of service, his cousin Derek Bourgeois tells the Daily Beast. He moved to Oregon a few years ago to care for his son, Tyrik, who turned 6 on Thursday. "It's my son’s birthday, it's my son’s birthday," Mintz reportedly said after he was shot.

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