kendrick lamar

If you watched the Grammys on Monday or even heard about it, you know Kendrick Lamar stole the show. But did he also steal the idea for his inspired performance?

Philadelphia rapper and Roots associate Dice Raw watched the show and couldn’t help but notice some similarities between Kendrick’s set and a play he’s been staging in Philly called "The Last Jimmy." Dice told a local paper, “Oh yeah, the prison thing. That’s a point. Then the gold cages on stage, yeah that’s another coincidence. Are those musicians in cages? OK. African dance in the middle of that montage — another coincidence, too.”

He’s not mad about it though. Dice explains his position while cracking a joke, saying, “We’re both fighting the same fight…It isn’t Kendrick Lamar — he’s not the enemy…but maybe his choreographer is,” reports

Photo: Getty Images