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Nancy Grace has met her match in rapper 2 Chainz.  On Tuesday, the two faced off on Grace's HLN show over the topic of marijuana legalization.  

The rapper pointed out that marijuana legalization would free up tax payer money that is currently being spent on enforcing and prosecuting marijuana offenses. He cited times he's been arrested and cleared of marijuana charges as wastes of tax payers' money. 

We still cool! That was a great debate thanks Nancy...bill o Reilly U up next! #TRUsday #TRUjackcity

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On the other hand, Nancy pointed to several instances of irresponsible parents giving their children pot. Apart from the heated debate about marijuana, Nancy also took a moment to question 2 Chainz about his name, and credited him with being a good student in high school. 

Watch 2 Chainz and Nancy's Marijuana legalization debate below: