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Ellie Goulding has some major love for her inner circle. In fact, the pop star has so much love for them that she dedicated her new music video for "Army" to one specific person in her inner circle, and that's her best friend Hannah.

In the four-minute video, viewers catch the songstress goofing around in various behind-the-scenes scenarios with her bestie (and a few other pals) because that's what pop stars do in their spare time. While it's easy to pass the clip off as just another black and white montage visual, we appreciate the ode to her BFF. We all have our very own Hannah, right? 

To celebrate the release of the latest Delirium visual, iHeartRadio decided to round up the five moments that the clip repped major BFF goals. 

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1. That moment when holding your BFF makes flying that much better.

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2. That moment when you share a dirty meme from your feed and your BFF just shakes his/her head in amusing disgust.

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3. That moment when you literally stay in bed with your BFF for 2 hours trying to find that ~*perfect*~ angle.

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4. That moment when your pre-game festivity with the BFF turns into the actual party. 

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5. That moment when you and your BFF read each others' Tinder messages together. 

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Watch the music video for Ellie Goulding's "Army" below!

Photo: YouTube/EllieGouldingVEVO