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North Pole Radio (hosted by Santa)

Evan is seven years old. He really, really wanted to catch Santa Claus in the act of dropping off gifts this year. With his older brother’s help, Evan set up a hidden camera and let it run after he’d gone to bed. On Christmas morning, Evan gathered his family to watch the results. 

At first, as the tape plays but without Saint Nick showing up, Evan looks a bit disappointed. But as soon as he hears what he’s been led to believe are the sleigh bells of the reindeer, Evan perks up. Then the lights flip on, there’s a poof of white smoke, and “Santa” appears to drink the milk and eat the cookies Evan had left. Then “Santa” snaps his fingers, and a giant pile of gifts appears underneath the Christmas tree. When the jolly home intruder realizes he’s on hidden camera, he makes the tape shut off. But Evan is overjoyed. He gives his family high-fives and can’t contain his excitement.

Evan’s uncle explains in an interview that he was the one dressed as Santa Claus in the tape, and that he stayed up until the middle of the night editing the footage and injecting some movie magic to make the whole thing seem real to Evan. We think he did a pretty good job, and Evan definitely had a Christmas to remember.

Watch the clip below, and tell us what you think!

Photo: YouTube