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"American Idol" is switching things up for Season 14 -- the show has already revealed the Top 24 contestants BEFORE the season premiere! Well, sort of. 

In a new video, the show's host Ryan Seacrest says, "Now tonight, it's an Idol first. Before we even show you the auditions, we're going to introduce you to the Top 24. You will fall in love with them, you'll root for them, and you'll vote for them. But right now, you will hear them."

The video continues with the Top 24 contestants singing Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" -- but you can't really see them as the dark lighting hides their faces, and the camera work only shows them from the back. The video also doesn't reveal their names, but it DOES give us a hint of what to expect. And judging by the sound of their voices, this season sounds like it's going to be a close competition!

"American Idol" judge Keith Urban thinks so too. He tweeted the Season 14 teaser out with the message "Get your sneak peek - Here's the @AmericanIdol TOP 24 contestants & they just might be the BEST yet!!! #idol."

Season 14 of "American Idol" returns on January 7th at 8/7c. In the mean time, check out the teaser video with the Top 24 contestants below!

Watch "American Idol" Season XIV: Sneak Peek - The Top 24 (Almost) Revealed: