Last month, Afrojack debuted his latest single "SummerThing!," and now he's getting ready to release the music video for the track. While he was filming the "SummerThing!" video, he took over the iHeartRadio Snapchat and gave us an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the clip! 

If you're Afrojack, your day shooting a music video might look a little something like this: 


Head to the video shoot, straight off the plane.


REALLY get into the zone.


Trim up your afro with a fresh cut.


Fill up your hot tub convertible with water (is this even drive-able?!).


Take a nap.


Wake up, and figure out where you are.

wake up

REALLY try to figure out where you are. Even if you're a Lone Ranger.

lone ranger

Finally find friends to party with.

friends to party

Make Santa's (who's actual name is Tony) vacation a little sweeter and invite him to join your celebration.

santa on vacation

Automatically on the nice list this year. 

screen shot 2015 07 15 at 5

When you're done, head to Vegas.


Get a first look at Afrojack's "SummerThing!" music video in the iHeartRadio Snapchat Takeover above!