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Bono is offering a bit of an apology for putting U2's latest album in everyone's iTunes account without asking.  The band answered Facebook questions via video Tuesday.  And when one participant in the Q&A called the free release of Songs of Innocence "very rude," Bono confessed that they probably got a little carried away with themselves. 

The frontman went on to say that the first-of-its-kind release had a "drop of megalomania, a touch of generosity, and a dash of self-promotion."  But he said there was also "deep fear" that the songs they had poured their lives into over the past few years might not be heard.  He said they felt they needed to get "a little noisy" to cut through all the other noise. 

Check out the full Facebook Q&A below!

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All four members of U2 answered other fan questions in the video to celebrate the physical release of Songs of Innocence on Tuesday. 

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