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Bush is doubling up for their latest music video.  The clip for "The Only Way Is Out" opens with frontman Gavin Rossdale holding a TV with a video of his face on it.  But it soon becomes clear that the beginning is actually the end as the video starts to move backward. 

Rossdale rewinds his way through a chaotic hospital full of SWAT teams and explosions, all the while mouthing unintelligible words as the TV version of the British rocker sings the song.  But halfway through the action reverses and we see the same footage moving forward.  This time, however, the real Rossdale is singing while his TV copy spouts nonsense. 

"The Only Way Out" is the lead single from Bush's upcoming album Man on the Run, which is due out October 21st. 

Watch the video for "The Only Way Out" below!