While we're now into Hanukkah, it's only natural to celebrate these 8 nights with the best holiday song of them all: a Hanukkah "Shake It Off" parody! 

Jewish a cappella group Six13 is spreading the Hanukkah joy during the Festival of Lights as they sing their own clever lyrics in place of Taylor Swift's big hit. In the video, they celebrate the holiday by dancing (in tutus), spinning dreidels, lighting the menorah, reading the Torah, eating delicious latkes and more! 




The guys sing:

"Cause we’re counting up to eight, eight, eight, eight, eight
We escaped an awful fate, fate, fate, fate, fate
We’re gonna celebrate, -brate, -brate, -brate, -brate
It’s Hanukkah, Hanukkah!"

Six13 has a special message for everyone celebrating too: "CHAG SAMEACH! Life got you down? You should be thinking about the miracle of light. Just shake it off... it's Chanukah!"

You heard the guys! Grab some latkes, and watch their Hanukkah "Shake It Off" parody below!