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After watching this video, you'll either want to never eat chicken again, or head straight to KFC. Just when you think you've finally said goodbye "Gangnam Style" ... we now have a song in 2014 equally as epic. Only this may be more on the epic strange side of things. 

Straight from Chinese artist Wang Rong Rollin is a tune by the name of "Chick Chick" - which consists of Mandarin lyrics and some clucking ... like, you know, from chickens. Unless you speak the language, you won't know what the song is about .. which we are SO curious about.

The clucking is fitting considering there are cartoon chickens floating around as the singer herself is dressed as a giant bird. 

As strange as the video is, it's racked up well over 6 million views on YouTube. Move over Psy, Wang Rong Rollin is here. Check it out below: