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Want to see Christina Milian get her nipple pierced? Of course you do. And thanks to a preview clip from her E! series “Christina Milian Turned Up,” it’s now possible. 

It all goes down after Milian treats her mom Carmen to her first tattoo as a birthday present. A nervous Carmen goes along with the surprise, getting “God is Love” tattooed on her arm. But Milian wants to get something for herself. She tells the camera, “I want to get something pierced. And when I say something, I mean my nipple.” We see a pained Milian getting pierced, howling but surviving. “Getting my nipple pierced was definitely worse than childbirth,” she says. “It was quicker, though. Childbirth, 19 hours. Piercing, two seconds.”

“Christina Milian Turned Up” follows the performer as she tries to make a professional comeback after taking time away to have and raise her daughter. As she says in a promo for the new series, “When I took time off to raise Violet, it brought me career to a screeching halt. I’m excited to get back out on stage, and for the world to hear the songs I’m writing right now. This is my last chance. I know what I want. Nothing’s going to stop me now.” Indeed.

Watch Christina Milian get her nipple pierced in the video below!

Photo: YouTube