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"Back to the Future" showed moviegoers hoverboards by the year 2015, and now one California couple is one step closer to making it a reality.  The Hendo Hoverboard is the brainchild of Jill and Greg Henderson who have come up with a technology that generates a magnetic field, allowing a device to hover about one-inch off the ground.  The Hendersons have launched a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to get their hoverboard to developers by July of next year for an October release date.  The device has some steering issues, but more importantly, it can currently only hover over a metal surface that does not contain iron. 

The couple says they continue to make advancements on their hoverboard everyday, and the money raised will help perfect it.  They have also been busy designing plans for the world's first "hoverpark." 

You can read all about the hoverboard, and Josh Lowensohn's test run on TheVerge