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David Bowie passed away in early January, but the music icon knew that his death would shake up the industry, so he left fans with a special Instagram team-up called UNBOUND: A ★ InstaMiniSeries. The project, which will debut on February 25, is an original mini series inspired by  you guessed it  his last album, Blackstar.

UNBOUND: A ★ InstaMiniSeries will debut on @InstaMiniSeries, which is a platform devoted to exclusive programming content, and takes a visually approach to the late-great icon's last album, utilizing "the album's music, lyrics and artwork." Prior to his death, Bowie gave the series stars Rookie Magazine founder Tavi Gevinson and Patricia Clarkson of "Six Feet Under" access to the 28th studio album prior to the release date, so they could work on the project. 

"Each episode of the series is sure to capture the imaginations of all who experience it and will undoubtedly lead to endless speculation and discussion of meaning, metaphor and intention," a press release stated. "We are honored to have had this opportunity and hope you'll join our 16 episode series."

UNBOUND: A ★ InstaMiniSeries is scheduled to premiere February 25, with new episodes every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 

Watch a trailer for David Bowie's UNBOUND: A ★ InstaMiniSeries below!

Photo: Getty Images