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A few months after the release of his latest album while (1<2), it looks like Deadmau5 is starting to drop some more clues about his upcoming tour!

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Earlier in the summer, the producer/DJ chatted with BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe and gave some insight as to what fans could expect from his forthcoming shows: 

"It's been about two years in the making. It’s been a really interesting journey. The point is to try and do something different, so I’m not gonna go charging hundreds of dollars a ticket to watch me stand in an LED thing. It’s gonna be a 360 kind of tour. I don’t think it’ll work anywhere but stadiums. It’s 16 trucks. I’m going all chips in, doing it like it’s my last tour. Even though it’s probably not."

Then, he shared the tour's name with fans via Twitter last month:

Now, Deadmau5 is teasing the tour with two very cryptic and mysterious videos. In the first video, titled "?," the number 2015 is the first thing that pops up in he 30-second clip, which may lead fans to believe the tour is happening next year.

The second video "??" confirms the tour's name "entropy" and again, the 2015 appears.

The production in Deadmau5's shows are always incredible, so we can only imagine what his "entropy" tour will be like! 

Check out the mysterious videos below! 

Photo: Getty Images