Def Leppard's Rick Allen stopped by Gater 98.7 in West Palm Beach this week where he talked about everything from the passing of David Bowie to his bandmate Vivian Campbell, and a lot more.

On the late, great music icon David Bowie, Rick says that he was not only influential on him personally, but also on Def Leppard through the years. He says:   

"Just a massive influence. Early on in my career, and actually throughout my career in the entire band, and having met him a few times. This is a massive loss. When I listen to his music now, I listen to it with different ears. The music is genius. He was so unique in everything he did."

As for his bandmate Vivian Campbell

"I spend a lot of time with Vivian and I travel with Vivian a lot. The treatment that he's going through at the moment is this new treatment that he's been trying, and he's responding incredibly well to it. I think all his last tests that came up are really positive. We're all very happy for him.

Rick also talks about Def Leppard's new self titled album that they released last year, their upcoming Hysteria on the High Seas Cruise and the tour. CLICK HERE to see what else Rick Allen had to say.