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The release of Dirty South's debut album is approaching faster than the speed of life - literally. With only a few weeks to go until Speed of Life is finally available, Dirty South - real name Dragan Roganovic - has shared a sneak peek at what's in store for the March 5th release, as well as a track listing. 

Track Listing:

1. Gods (feat. Ruben Haze)
2. Super Sounds
3. Until The End (feat. Joe Gil)
4. Champions
5. Sunrise
6. Your Heart (feat. Joe Gil)
7. Reset
8. Something Like You (feat. Rudy)
9. Sunset
10. Speed Of Life

Dragan has done a good job at keeping his new album under wraps, but there are a few familiar names featured on Speed of Life. Ruben Haze has worked with the producer before on his collaboration with Alesso, "City of Dreams." Rudy is another recognized name on the new album. He has appeared on a few Dirty South tracks in the past like "Phazing," and "Let It Go" - which was remixed by Axwell.

After Walking Alone to the City of Angels with Eyes Wide Open, and a long string of monster singles, this is a highly anticipated album for his fans. 

Check out the trailer below: