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Ellie Goulding has a major obsession for workout clothes in her brand-new Skit Box parody called "Activewear," and the cheeky video is sure to give you all the giggles. 

Even though she's the brand ambassador for Nike, the British singer wasn't afraid to poke fun at her endorsement or the folks that just can't stop wearing their activewear everywhere they go. Let's face it: This trend is sweeping work out (and non-work out) enthusiasts everywhere, and it needs to stop.

To make light of the trend, Ellie partnered up with Skit Box for a follow-up to their original activewear video, where she does some very necessary things like fire her publicist and tweet 5SOS ... in her activewear.

Her moment of glory comes around the 30 second mark when she proclaims: "I'm Ellie f*cking Goulding in my activewear." 

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Watch Ellie Goulding poke fun at activewear below!

Photo: YouTube/SkitBox