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Ellie Goulding loses her chill in her new video for "On My Mind," and when we say loses her chill, we actually mean, get fed up with her douchebag casino honcho of a boyfriend and rob him of all his dolla dolla bills. 

For the Emil Nava-directed visual, the British songstress plays one fed up lover, and she's majorly PO'd. In the beginning of the clip, viewers catch the boyfriend drinking a little too much, yelling a little too much and just simply doing too much. Unfortunately for him, he must not have known that Ellie isn't one to mess with, especially when she has female compadres like this.


With her partner-in-crime, Ellie rides into his casino (on a freakin' horse) and takes all his money in the most badass way ever, but we won't spoil the end to the action-packed clip. "On My Mind" appears off Ellie's upcoming Delirium, which drops on November 6.

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Take a look at Ellie's video for "On My Mind below! 

Photo: YouTube