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Some celebs dedicate awards they win to their families, some to their significant others, others to their fans ... but Emma Watson? She dedicated her Britannia Award to her late pet hamster Millie.

Over the weekend at the Britannia Awards, the actress accepted the award for British Artist of the Year. During her acceptance speech she said:

"I'm especially honored to be receiving this award from the BAFTA L.A., because the British film industry hasn't just been a workplace for me. It's been the place I grew up. It's been a surrogate family." She continued, "A sweet, but slightly morbid example of this is when, on the first Harry Potter film, my on-set hamster Millie had a heart-attack. And didn't quite make it."

After describing the hamster-sized coffin the set designers built for Millie, she ended her speech with, "Thank you very, very much, and rest in peace Millie. This one's for you."

RIP Millie! Check out Emma's speech below!

Photo: Getty Images