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Eric Church is nominated for multiple CMAs this year ... but which one does he want to win the most? The country star tells Bobby Bones it's definitely the award for Album of the Year. Eric is nominated for his most recent album The Outsiders.

Eric tells Bobby, "It Trumps." He continues, "Our show this past weekend, we played 27 songs. I've had three number one songs. So 24 of those songs are album cuts. And you don't get to where we got to in an arena level unless people bought into the albums. You just don't get there. So it's always been the most important thing for us. Even back to Sinners Like Me, the first album. We didn't have any hits off that album, but when I play those songs live, and I play Sinners live, it feels like one. Because people made it a part of their lives. So for me, it's always been the most important."

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