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Yet another priceless “Family Feud” moment has gone viral. Meet Gene. When Steve Harvey asks him to “name something that has to be licked,” Gene pauses for the perfect number of beats before answering, with authority, “A woman.” Check out the video below!

Usually, Harvey’s exaggerated reactions to contestants giving (slightly) dirty answers to the show’s questions are what make these clips so great. This time, it’s Gene’s wife Debbie, who starts high-fiving her teammates and applauding as Harvey stands in stunned silence.

Sadly, “woman” did not come up beneath “lollipop” and “ice cream/cone” as one of the answers given most often by survey contestants to the prompt, “Name something that has to be licked.” We would have gone with “envelope.” But Gene’s wrong answer felt so, so right. And Debbie seems like a very happy woman, regardless of the results on “Family Feud.”

Harvey agreed. “Folks, I can’t tell you how many good answers don’t show up on that board,” he said, after Gene’s family and the studio audience had regained their composure. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think!