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Talk about in-flight entertainment! Flight attendant Robynn Shayne loves to sing ... and she's pretty good at it too! While on a flight, her co-worker asked her to whip out her guitar and sing a little something and she did. She covered Lorde's "Royals" and it was actually really great. Her co-worker Nick posted the video to YouTube, hoping it would go viral. 

"On a lovely winter day I came across my coworker Robynn who I noticed was carrying a guitar with her on our trip. I then asked her if she played and she said she loves to play and sing. Then this happened. Let's get this video viral for her and get her a record deal! OR GET HER ON THE ELLEN SHOW!!"

Well the video did go viral and was noticed by Lorde herself. The singer approved of Robynn's cover and proclaimed her love for the flight attendant on Twitter.

Check out Robynn covering Lorde below!