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Ever watch "Full House" re-runs, and sing along with the show's iconic theme song? Of course you do. And so does the original cast!

Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse, Aunt Becky, and everyone's favorite whacky neighbor Kimmy Gibbler were all in attendance at "Full House" creator Jeff Franklin's birthday party recently ... and hopped up on stage to sing the show's famous theme song. Dreams do come true. 

Gibbler Andrea Barber posted the glorious video to Instagram along with the caption: 

"Only for you, Jeff Franklin. Only for you. Happy Birthday. #everywhereyoulook #whatsmyline?#onlyknewthechorus#cantgetthisdamnsongouttamyhead @candacecbure@loriloughlin @bobsaget @johnstamos"

Watch the cast sing the "Full House" theme song below, and sing along!