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Trance producers Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge have a D.U.I. under their belts. No, we're not talking about a driving violation, but the name of their new track together. Gareth and Ashley have given us a sneak peek, and a behind the scenes look, at they're upcoming release, after Gareth re-posted the teaser video to his YouTube channel. The video shows the duo working on writing the melody on the piano for "D.U.I.," in the wee hours of the morning. Ah, the life of a producer.

The pair also reveal that, although the release of the track was delayed due to "record label nonsense,"the official release date for "D.U.I." has been set for December 17th, on none other than Gareth's label Garuda. According to their teaser, this is almost a year later from their original expected release date from back in February. Don't worry, the guys know it's late. They're sorry - they apologize in the video. 

"D.U.I." will be Garuda's 50th release. Check out the teaser and preview: