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Garth Brooks brought indescribable joy to a woman fighting cancer on Friday at a concert in Minneapolis. The country legend was performing his hit “The Dance” when he noticed a woman’s sign that said she had been getting chemotherapy. He then shifted his entire focus at the Target Center to personally serenade her.

A woman later identified as Teresa Shaw, who has stage-three breast cancer, drove from Iowa to Minnesota to catch Brooks in concert and brought a sign that read, “Chemo this morning… Garth tonight… Enjoying the dance.” When the sign she was holding was projected onto the arena’s jumbo screen, the audience went wild, and it captured Brooks’ attention. He then made his way to the woman, sat on the edge of the stage, held her hand, and sang “The Dance” directly to her. When he was done singing the song, Brooks gave Shaw a hug, a kiss on her head, and his guitar as a gift. He also took her sign and walked across the stage showing it to everyone in the audience, as the song finished playing. 

Brooks, who lost his both his mom and sister to cancer, then publicly offered the woman words of encouragement, saying, “Sometimes man, sometimes, I’m one of those guys that said, ‘Man, if God would just give a big old hand that comes out from the sky and write, ‘I exist’ then there would never be any doubt, right?” With his voice cracking, Brooks continued, “Well, I want to tell you right now, God just stuck his hand out and he wrote, ‘You have all of my strength, you have everybody’s strength in here, and you go kick cancer’s ass!’”

Thankfully, the entire encounter was caught on video. Check out the moving footage below.

Photo: Getty Images