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After having her wisdom teeth removed, a woman named Jayci woke up after the procedure absolutely DEVASTATED. Why? Because she wasn't Nicki Minaj. Which is completely understandable, who doesn't want to be Nicki Minaj?

In a video recorded by her husband, Jayci said, "I thought I was gonna look like Nicki Minaj when I woke up. I paid a lot of money!" She went on "I just love her, and I wanted to be Nicki Minaj when I woke up."

When her husband told Jayci she needed to be happier, she responded "I NEED to be Nicki Minaj!"

But it didn't stop there. Jayci was also crying about her strong desire to be friends with Ellen DeGeneres. "I want to be friends with her! I love Ellen. Ellen DeGeneres is generous - it's literally her name. And I love her!"

That's only the tip of the iceberg. Jay Z and Beyonce come into the mix later on. Check out the full hilarious video below: