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When you hear a song title like Becky G's "Break A Sweat," you probably expect a fiery clip with high-action choreography and some sort of flames, right? Well, that's exactly what we saw during our exclusive behind-the-scenes visit on set of the video.

iHeartRadio checked in with the pint-sized pop star during her music video shoot, where we caught Becky in 7 — yes, count them, 7 different outfits and a load of flashy scenes.

"We're going to go over some of the dance moves for the choreography scenes," she tells the camera at one point. "I'm kind of nervous. I'm not going to lie, but more excited than anything because it's going to look so fly."

At another point in the video, we even catch Becky in a mid-look moment, where her team is trying to wash out some colored chalk out of her hair, so she can tackle the next ensemble. Pain is beauty, folks! 💁

Take a look at Becky G's video for "Break A Sweat" below!

Photos: iHeartRadio