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Halsey treated fans to the perfect gift to kick off the weekend on Friday night (September 25) when she dropped the post-apocalyptic visual for "New Americana." 

During the almost-five minute clip, which appears like a mini-movie, Halsey plays a member of rebellious crew, who are at odds with the ruthless government of the era. Her ways almost get her burned at the stake! You think you're ready for this one, but you're probably not. Thankfully, her faithful gang come to the rescue just in the nick of time, offering viewers all the Katniss Everdeen feels.

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"New American" is Halsey's latest single off her debut album, Badlands, which dropped in August. Earlier this month, the singer spoke about the LP in an interview with iHeartRadio, saying, "I started writing songs that come from that post-Apocalyptic dark mentality. And it dawns on me that the whole thing is a metaphor. It's a metaphor for a mental state. So I have been living in the mental Badlands for years and it's this part in the center of my brain that is this booming city."

Obviously, this post-apocalyptic mentality was carried into her visual for the cut. 

Photo: YouTube