"The Dab" is quickly becoming the dance of 2016 so far. Everyone is dabbin' all over the place -- including Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. Hilary recently appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" this week, and learned how to do the popular dance move.

Ellen's DJ (who is also a professional dancer) Stephen tWitch Boss, is the one who taught Hilary how to pull off the dance move. He said, "Mrs. Clinton, you can sign a bill, and then you dab." Hilary imitated tWitch's dab perfectly, adding "We got it."

Hil's thoughts on adding the new dance move to her repertoire? "I'm so happy about it."

During her appearance on Ellen's show, Hilary also talked about her selfie with Kim KardashianKate McKinnon's impressions of her, and being a woman running for President.

Watch Hilary Clinton do "The Dab" above!