You have to love the power of the internet. Thanks to the viral-based music video by How I Became the Bomb, the group made a splash on this week's Billboard Hot 100, and we think it's one deserving accomplishment.

Since being uploaded to YouTube back in October, the Tennessee-based group's viral music video for "Ulay, Oh" has racked up more than 18 million views, and we see why. During the almost-four minute visual, viewers catch the emotional reunion between two performance artists Marina Abramovic and Uwe Laysiepen. Back in the 1970s, the two began a romantic affair, but decided to end things during a dramatic walk on the Great Wall of China and haven't seen each other since. 

All of that changed during Abramovic's 2010 MoMa exhibit when Laysiepen surprised the artist for one emotional reunion. "Ulay, Oh" is a pair-up of this footage and the group's track, which is featured on their Adonis EP.

Grab those tissues because this is an emotional one. 

Photo: YouTube