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No Doubt rocked Global Citizen Festival in New York City this weekend, and iHeartRadio caught up with the band before they hit the stage.

Gwen Stefani tells iHeartRadio that her son says it's only OK to leave home to play charities. "I was telling my son before I left, because I was trying to make an excuse why I was leaving. I was like 'by the way, it's a charity, it's gonna be amazing, it really helps kids.' He was like 'OK, you can go do that. That's OK.' Like I was allowed to come because of that. And I think everybody, even from young to old, everybody wants to make a difference and help."

Find out what else the band had to say about social media, what it was like to perform with Sting, and watch them do a short a cappella version of "Hella Good" below!