Worried about breaking New Years resolutions? Don't be...!!!

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You can thank James Corden for breathing some new life into Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" with a brand-new parody of the hit song, and we're almost positive that you can relate to it.

Just a week into 2016, the duo teamed up to sing an ode to all the New Year's resolutions that we all attempt to achieve. Because, let's be real, how dedicated are you to your resolution 10 days into the year?

In a setup similar to the pop star's 2014 music video, James and Meghan sing their hearts away about wanting to lose a little bit of weight and party less, considering, you know, these are things that we all want. However, as they make their way through the performance, we realize that these two are just like us ... even if they are rich and famous. Oh, and props to the inclusion of the dab!

Watch James Corden and Meghan Trainor in "All About That Change" below!

Photo: YouTube/JKCorden