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If there's one thing you can count on Jason Derulo for, it's an offering of a very technical routine of choreography, and that's exactly what he did in the video for his Hardwell collaboration. 

"Follow Me," which appears on the Dutch DJ's United We Are LP, showcases the pop star's slick routine in a desert. Hardwell shows up at various points in the clip, but it's just to flaunt his whip with an oh-so-attractive female friend by his side. It's a simple and flashy visual that fits like a glove to the EDM banger. And yet, we still can't stop talking about that choreography.

We're talking worm-like moves ...

animation 8

and down to the floor grinds.

animation 10

Plus, did we mention there's fireworks?

animation 11

Oh, and here's Hardwell looking like a badass.

animation 9

It's been an excited week for Hardwell. Not only did he command the stage at TomorrowWorld 2015 over the weekend, but he just teased fans with a brand-new track that taps into his old school Hardwell styling. Be on the lookout!

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Watch the video for Hardwell and Jason Derulo's "Follow Me" below!

Photo: YouTube