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Jerry Springer is used to breaking up brawls between rambunctious guests on his controversial talk show, but on Monday he had to act as an intermediary between two warring WWE siblings.

The infamous host got in between the Bella Twins on Monday Night Raw to solve the rift that was sparked after Nikki turned on her own sister, Brie, to help Stephanie McMahon win the WWE Divas Championship at SummerSlam last month.

“I will conduct an intervention with the Bella Twins in an effort to achieve sibling harmony,” said 70-year-old Springer before he entered the ring for the season premiere of Raw on the USA Network.

The twins’ mom, Kathy Colace, even went on-air begging her girls to come to their senses and figure their problems.

Sadly, her pleas fell on deaf ears.

“You cost me my match, you broke my heart,” yelled Brie, before their little brother joined them in the ring too.

As with so many of Springer’s family feuds, things didn’t go according to plan and he got the worst of it and ended up being taken out of the ring on a stretcher!

“Down goes Jerry!” screeched the commentators, as the twins body-slammed each other over the shocked host.

Monday Night Raw is the longest-running, weekly episodic program in U.S. primetime TV history and is the most-watched, regularly scheduled programs on cable, airing live every Monday night on USA Network.

Meanwhile, Nikki and Brie Bella are also featured on the popular E! reality series Total Divas, which will debut its third season this Sunday at 9pm ET/PT.

Check out video of the action below.

Photo: YouTube