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Jimmy Kimmel got complete strangers to give him and a national TV audience their passwords on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” A number of people were approached by a camera crew on Hollywood Boulevard, and within seconds were duped into spilling their private information.

Kimmel introduced the bit by pointing out how big a concern cyber security has become in the wake of the Sony hacking saga. President Obama is expected to address the topic in next week’s State of the Union address. Last year’s Hollywood nude photo hacking scandal also showed how vulnerable we are to online infiltration.

So it’s a little surprising (actually, maybe it shouldn’t be surprising at all) to see person after person tricked into giving their password to a complete stranger on the street. Of course, it’s not like anything terrible can be done without more details about the person. We don’t know their names or email, etc.

But it’s alarming how willing the average pedestrian seems to be when it comes to volunteering sensitive information. Also, it might be time for people to pick something besides their pet’s name and birth date. 

Watch people spilling the beans about their passwords below!