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The wickedly talented Adele Dazeem stayed home during this year's Oscars, because Idina Menzel was out to seek revenge on John Travolta for flubbing her name during last year's awards. 

OK, so maybe she wasn't out for blood -- but Idina did poke fun at the incident from the year prior by giving Travolta a dose of his own medicine and purposely messing up his name. And thus, Glom Gazingo was born.

After Menzel announced Travolta's new name (we're calling him that forever now), he was obviously beside himself because although things started off well...

... it got a little very awkward when he couldn't stop touching her face. 

As weird as this was ... she DOES have great skin! And at least he finally got her name right.

Watch the entire awkward moment below:

But that wasn't the end of theTravolta awkwardness. It continued with Scarlett Johansson.

Always remember, Adele Dazeem.

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