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Justin Bieber is one of the first celebrities to appear on ABC's new prank show "Repeat After Me." On Tuesday night's season premiere, he pulled a prank on Tish, a unsuspecting elderly bowling instructor who thought she was meeting the Biebs for a private lesson. Little did she know, host Wendi McLendon-Covey was feeding him lines through an earpiece the whole time.  

The 20-year-old first greeted Tish by saying "the Biebs only does hugs" and explained to her that he requested the private lesson because he was making a documentary called "Bieber Be Ballin'." 

Justin also showed off how well he can twerk.

Wendi instructed him to stand uncomfortably close behind Tish as she took her turn to bowl, and later, made him hug her from behind while whispering into her ear, "Have you ever robbed a liquor store?" 

The pop star also baffled her with his terrible bowling technique before letting her know that she was on the live hidden camera show.  

Watch Justin Bieber prank bowling instructor Tish below!